Enjoy Green Tea And Absolutely Forbidden Things

Enjoy Green Tea And Absolutely Forbidden Things

Green tea is good for the entire body but if you drink too much and drink it incorrectly, it will seriously affect your health.

tra bac nha beGreen tea is a weight loss, beauty and a popular drink. Model
Based on the newspaper, green tea is a well-known drink to Vietnamese people, taking many health benefits such as reducing stress, supporting prevent and treat many serious diseases such as cancer, diabetes or dental... In addition Green tea also has a great effect in keeping beauty for women.

Green tea is far more commonly used today due to its antioxidant properties, tra bac cu chi which are beneficial for both health and weight loss. Yet , consuming too much green tea herb may well not be good for health. Should be limited to 2 cups a day. If you drink too much, you may experience the following:

Chronic headaches

According to 1 study, caffeine found in green tea extract is one of the major risk factors for chronic frustration. They have also been found that patients with fatigue and migraines should avoid drinking green tea herb.

Sleep disorders

Caffeine in green tea supplement also causes anxiety and influences sleep. It also pads chemicals that cause sleepiness in the brain and improve the production of adrenaline.

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However, over-consumption of green tea supplement is not good for health. Model

Unnatural heartbeat

Caffeine in inexperienced tea causes abnormal cardiovascular rhythms. It stimulates the heart muscle to deal when resting. This can lead to cardiovascular disorders.


Diarrhea is another effect of over-consumption of green tea. The laxative effect of caffeine induces muscle of the bowel and relax, resulting in an increased requirement for removal of waste, sometimes leading to diseases such as diarrhea.

Do not be hungry

News in the newspaper, the tannin in green tea enhances the acid solution in the stomach and causes stomach pain, vomiting and constipation. Therefore, avoid drinking green tea when you are hungry.

Prevent strong tea

Individuals with hypertonie, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, kidney disease... must not drink heavy tea due to risk of severe condition. Breastfeeding mothers are also not as likely to breastfeed. In the event you like to drink green tea too heavy you will need to change your hobby. To create full use of the features of golf course tea, make tea at a moderate level, not too condensed.

Tend not to drink immediately after a meals

With regards to the stomach, tannin in tea makes the protein in the food become hard. Moreover, tea also inhibits the compression of iron. So drink green tea after eating for approximately 30 minutes, this will benefit your health.


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