Common Inquires And Answers Nearly Resistors

Common Inquires And Answers Nearly Resistors

Manufacturing companies and industries that use resistors have a choice to make when selecting this type of component. There are various types available and each one is made for specific applications. Read the questions and answers below to learn important information about the different kinds of resistors that are available for order.

What are some of the most common types of resistors that are available?

For use in electronic products, a inline resistor is the best choice because it protects the equipment when voltage or current issues arise. Without current sensing resistors, any type of data that's stored in the memory of the electronic device can be destroyed due to electrical current surges. Wirewound resistors are often used in these applications because they can manage power surges, are low resistant and they're cost effective for companies.

Surface mount circuit boards are made with surface mount resistors and many companies use this type of technology in their applications because of the many benefits. Surface mounts are made with micro components that can be attached to both the front and back of the board. They provide a high-density connection and since they take less time to assemble, there are fewer production costs for manufacturers.

When performance is of the utmost importance, precision resistors are the ones that companies rely on. These resistors can outperform the best of them and they are second to none when it comes to dependability.

For applications that are required to expend high levels of power, a high power resistor can get the job done. These resistors are made using advanced techniques so they can be used in compressed areas. This type of resistor has thermal conduction capabilities to help with effective cooling. If the resistors become overtaxed due to the load limit, the integrated cooling process takes over.

Can a company that specializes in resistors modify standard sizes for custom applications?

Individuals who need a resistor in a specific size that's nonstandard can special order the types of resistors that are needed. By implanting a standard size resistor into a custom-made case, specialty companies can fill any order that requires any type of resistor. These companies pride themselves with being able to fulfill the needs of their customers who need resistors that aren't mass-produced in single designs.

Visit the Riedon website to learn more about resistors and ordering information. This company provides various types of resistors including surface mount, current sense, high pulse, wire wound, high voltage, high power, precision, leaded and custom.


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