If Your Computer Hasn't Long Been Held For Ransom Yet, It Is Really

If Your Computer Hasn't Long Been Held For Ransom Yet, It Is Really

If you think ransomware attacks only happen to the other guy, that only means you've been lucky. Don't expect your luck to hold out indefinitely. About 40% of all businesses were attacked last year. The U.S. is the golden goose experiencing more cyber attacks than any other country. Experts in cyber security and ransomware removal are seeing a constant increase in the sophistication, frequency, and viciousness of cyber attacks.

What is Ransomware?

In one sense, ransomware is a growth industry. The best hackers now sell ransom software to wanna-be hackers, partially accounting for the explosion in the number of cyber attacks. The hacker programmers reserve their best work for their own use.

Ransomware locks up a computer system and demands money to release it. Many companies take weeks or months to recover from the loss of revenue. Some companies problem ultimately cannot recover and go out of business.

Businesses lost at least $75 billion in downtime - many attacks aren't reported, so the true cost could be significantly higher

Ransoms demanded vary widely, from $500 to $50,000 or more

Should Ransom be Paid?

No. It's tempting to pay the ransom, especially if the amount isn't too excessive. However, there is no guarantee that you'll regain access to your data. You're not dealing with a legitimate businessman. You could be dealing with someone wearing the uniform of a very hostile government. You could be dealing with someone with links to terrorists. You could be dealing with a kid in a third-world nation. Whatever the case, you've no clue who you're dealing with.

If you recover your data, it could all have been copied and put up for sale. Medical records are worth about $500 to the right person and may be resold several times. The data could be corrupted or infected. Paying the ransom is a waste of money. Not only that but every time someone pays the ransom, it encourages further ransomware attacks.

Free Wifi Could Cost You Everything

There is a huge most secure wifi. A hacker can grab access to your computer in five seconds, even from the parking lot outside the cafe. Suddenly, you're connected to the hacker's network and he/she can do whatever they like. Grab your passwords, empty your bank account - all of the data on your computer is now theirs. Anytime you're away from home, paid wifi is always safer than free.

Here's another hint. Never take an unattended flash drive. Hackers leave them lying around hoping someone will take it and plug it in. As soon as that happens, their system belongs to the hacker.

Call the Experts Immediately

It takes cyber security experts to provide internet threat resolution, whether it's ransomware or another type of cyber attack. The ransomware and file recovery experts at MonsterCloud are standing by 24/7.

MonsterCloud guarantees to remove the ransomware or their Ransomware Removal Service is free. Contact MonsterCloud if you've been attacked. If you haven't been attacked yet, be proactive and request a free IT assessment today.


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